The eye and the root – ( El ojo y la raíz ) | Javier Roz

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29 May / 26 June 2015
Drawing on paper

The relationship between man and nature expressed through the process of drawing has been an occasional theme in my works, but it is becoming more and more recurrent, or rather crucial. In “El ojo y la raíz”, like many other works, the starting point is a question: How do we respond to the image of a tree that has been standing tall for over 4800 years?
Here are a handful of answers that are personal, and perhaps communicable, and that seek to explore, by way of reflection, this relationship between the natural elements (represented by the root that is embedded in the earth as well as in man) and the human features (represented by the eye that burns before the complex sight, the ancestral face).
Because it is in this outward observation, that at the same time compels us to turn our face inward, where the cycle is completed.
This exhibition will be held simultaneously with another exhibition, Anábasis, at San Telmo School of Art (opening: 4 June). Two sides of the same coin.
Javier Roz