Interlude for groove and cord – ( Interludio para surco y cuerda ) | Fernando de la Rosa

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07.11.2014 / 05.12.2014
Fernando de la Rosa

Interludio para surco y cuerda (Interlude for groove and cord) Graphic work by Fernando de la Rosa.

According to the Spanish dictionary DRAE, the term interlude is derived from the Latin interludere, which means “to play at intervals”. For Fernando de la Rosa, who has not abandoned the playful sense that influences all of his works, the musical thinking is by far the most significant factor that articulates the composition and chromatism, combining movement and sonority in this persistent game where his works on paper evolve.

Among his series of Polinizaciones(pollinations), small-format paintings created until 2012 and the latest paintings of 2014, Fernando De La Rosa has devoted himself entirely to graphic art. He has spent a year producing silkscreen prints, intaglio prints and their editions for the first time at his workshop. An interval between paintings, in which he has gone from composing with the guiding (rhythmic) base of the point and chromatism to constructing from the dynamic (melodic) current of the line.

With this interludio, Fernando de la Rosa invites us to share his experiments with the engraving and the print, in which he also intervenes by painting manually, in an attempt to make a zealously andante headway towards the large-format paintings.

Ángel María Rojo