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24.02.2017 / 23.03.2017
Juanjo Fuentes
Gravura Workshop Gallery
Mixed media

I discovered cinema in my neighbourhood, specifically in the Monumental cinema, where the session was continuous and we spent our lives from 4 in the afternoon until 9 or 10 at night. I watched the films over and over again. There I met actors and actresses in unforgettable films that took me to cities and situations from which I learned that there were other landscapes and other people who talked about other things. I saw how you could fight for your ideals and how you could die of love, I also saw human wickedness and how they laughed at Dumbo because he had big ears, I felt irremediably identified. My first sexual games also took place in that cinema, although not on the screen, but in the stalls.

For this exhibition, included in the MaF circuit and coinciding with the Spanish film festival, I wanted to pay homage to cinema in my own way. I haven’t tried to find my favourite films, not even the best ones, just the ones that have allowed me to continue with my work, although on this occasion I’ve made a fun nod to the 7th art. In this series I use dioramas again, about fifteen works made with different materials, but better … come and see it!’       ( Juanjo Fuentes )