Between the worlds – ( Entre dos mundos )

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19.01.2018 / 19.02.2018

Until the autumn of 2016 my work was an immersion in the microcosm, a mineral world where solid and aquatic matter was reflected, a refined work conducive to contemplation and meditation, where light revealed a dominant colour and its contours, but one day I decided to break this mould by returning to a technique I had abandoned for some time, sugar aquatint. This technique allows me to work in a very spontaneous, pictorial and calligraphic way.

I started from improvisation, from systematically breaking with my habits in order to

to provoke the creation of a new writing. The colour became multiple, the forms too, in fact they became more real and human every day, to finally tell what was around me, but mixed with an unreal world, more typical of dreams or mythology. Thus, you can find in my last engravings, moments of my family life as in «el cariñoso», «el debate» or «manual de infractores», or social with «camino del éxito» and «la pareja». Engravings, between the real and the imaginary, although, sometimes, nowadays it seems that fiction surpasses reality.

Christian Bozón


Aquatint and sugar aquatint