Paco Aguilar

Paco Aguilar

Multidisciplinary artist and founder of the Galería Taller Gravura

Paco Aguilar, Málaga, 1959. This artist’s work encompasses a wide variety of techniques: painting, sculpture, illustration, scenography and intaglio printmaking, the last one being his most recognised work. In 1981, he founded his printmaking studio Taller de Grabado Gravura through which he has been contributing immensely to the practice and promotion of Intaglio Printmaking in the form of workshops, exhibitions, producing editions of his own works and those of other artists as well as producing editions of collective print portfolios that include literary collaborations. He has been participating in the international sculpture symposia in Germany, Sweden and Japan since 2001. With the Gravura printmaking studio, he has participated in 18 editions of the ESTAMPA Contemporary Art Fair.

His work has been incorporated in several collections and recognised with awards in many art competitions.

  • Special Distinction, 34th Anniversary of the Andalusia Day. Regional Government of Andalusia, 2014.

  • Award from the Madrid Association of Art Critics (AMCA) for the best collection of works presented in Estampa 2002.

  • First prize, 13th edition of “Máximo Ramos” contest, El Ferrol, 1999.

  • International Printmaking Biennial Prize, Caixa Ourense, Ourense, 1998.

  • Printmaking Award from Museum of Contemporary Spanish Printmaking, Marbella, 1993/97.

  • National prize for printmaking, Calcografía Nacional, Madrid, 1995/96/99/2001.

  • Ciudad de Burgos Printmaking Prize, 1993.

  • 1st International Printmaking Biennial “Julio Prieto Nespereira” Prize, Orense, 1991.

  • 6th Mini Print International exhibition of Cadaqués, Gerona, 1986.

  • Colectivo Palmo Painting Prize, Málaga, 1986.

  • Ciudad de Burgos Printmaking Prize, 1985.

  • Printmaking prize in the 2nd Spanish Plastic Arts Competition of the Ministry of Culture, Madrid, 1981.


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Terra Incógnita

500,00  IVA no incluido

Blue velvet

500,00  IVA no incluido

Última hoja

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Distensión I

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Sin titulo

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Terra Incognita (d)

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El espigador de sueños

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