PHOTO ENGRAVING WORKSHOP with photopolymer film on copper

PHOTO ENGRAVING WORKSHOP with photopolymer film on copper

Photoengraving, as a technical process of intaglio engraving, allows us to transfer an image to photopolymer film, whether it is a drawing, photograph, gouache or digitally treated image. The transfer will be carried out by means of insolating, developing and fixing this film so that it can then be used as an engraved matrix for stamping or as a reserve for etching metal with traditional intaglio techniques.

We will use copper as a support for the photopolymer film. The participants will have 3 copper matrices for the development of their work (2 of 12.5 x 16.5 cm and one of 25 x 16.5 cm).



 . Photopolymers. Characteristics

 . Equipment, materials and tools


 . Preparation of the matrix. Lamination

 . Photography, digital imaging. Generation of digital positives

 . Printing of the photolithograph

 . Transfer method. Insolating, developing, fixing and printing.

 . Gouache, stroke and line. Printing, developing, fixing and printing.

 . Application of traditional techniques

 . Inking. Printmaking. Collage