A Tale of Cinema – ( Un Cuento de Cine )

A Tale of Cinema – ( Un Cuento de Cine )

Eva Poyato

08.04.2016 / 06.05.2016

Galería Taller Gravura



By Marta Zafrilla


Once upon a time, there was a writer who told stories with colours instead of words. On the nights of the waning moon, just on the verge of red and blue, princes without kingdoms emerged from Eva Poyato’s paintings in search of an impossible love. The birds, all with happy childhood memories, nested in the spot with the exact millimetre where the eye never looks. Their songs, colours and wings, sprang out the back of the paintings, just when the viewer turned to walk away and thought that he/she was listening to a magical melody and it would enfold the memory of the piece forever.


The black and the white will not have the usual meaning of light and shadow in her works, not even of the background and the silhouette; in Eva’s paintings, black will represent the narrative power of words printed on the ceiling of the dream, with the belly full of unique stories kept hidden to take the viewer by surprise at the most unexpected moment. These stories will not once be narrated but whispered, in every colour combination that is incorporated in her paintings, suggested but always open to invention, waiting for the viewer to close his/her eyes and finish them in the dream.


Anyone will be able to observe how the temperature in her works is always different from the surroundings of the painting, the seasons do away with the calendar with the sun hopping on the cold and the snow over the rainbow without conforming to any logic.


From experience, let me tell you that reality tends to surprise you in the interpretation of her paintings and if you threw the fishing rod in one of the rivers that sprang from Eva’s brush, you would find clouds, you would hunt whales on the cliffs and find trees in the puddles.


Unlike other artists’ exhibits where you are asked to maintain distance, as a present from this brilliant poetess, the visitors will receive the work, and not the other way around, and will take turns like in case of a sculpture, based on the distance which is indicated down to the millimetre, jumping sideways to try to catch the characters off guard, talking to each other as you would in a museum about which Cortázar never wrote. You will need a magnifying glass or the sight of an eagle to be able to become amazed by the accuracy of details; you will also need the imagination to respond to the gestures of each of Eva Poyato’s works where the story is latent and always ready to be invented.


Observer, please be advised that the aura of your magical tales will permeate your eyes forever, as a result of which you will be willing to be seduced by the light of happiness, the surprise of the future and the vibrant memory of pleasant dreams.

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