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From 30 May to 22 April 2015


Eryk Pall completed his studies in art and illustration as well as comics and animation from France. Two years ago, he chose Málaga to start exhibiting his works. Since then, he has participated in several group exhibitions (such as Caja Blanca, Sala Fundación Cruzcampo, Espacio Cienfuegos). He considers drawing as a universal language, like Esperanto, through which one can describe what cannot be seen. He is fascinated by all that can be found in that limbo, between the eye and the brain. He likes to draw things that don’t exist to break all communication barriers and open a door to the fantasy and surrealism he sees everywhere. He also uses art as a medium to find a sense of reality, to understand how it works, how it moves and how it transforms. Through this collection of 15 drawings, created in February 2014 and March 2015, Eryk Pall manifests his concerns over the following anthropological and philosophical questions: Does some kind of switch exist? Do I have power over it (to use it)? If so, how would I use it? (text by Violeta Niebla). (text by Violeta Niebla).