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Enjoy the membership benefits and enrich your art collection

El Club Gravura was created to facilitate the collection of art and build a strong relationship with our visitors by offering exclusive membership with discounts and gift vouchers for the acquisition of artworks from the Gallery..

Discounts may range from 15% to 20% on the purchase of works depending on the subscription fee selected (between 40 and 100 euros per month). There is also the option to obtain the piece immediately and pay for it in six monthly instalments without surcharges.

Club Gravura members-subscribers can also choose the art pieces they wish to purchase in each exhibition, before it opens to the public, with a 5% discount and an opportunity to meet the invited artists in person.

The new members receive a promotional gift voucher worth €210 upon a continued subscription of one year and, for each member they introduce into the Club, their account will be credited with a referral reward corresponding to the new member’s subscription fee.

The members will receive our special attention for any query, including assistance in the search for pieces they are interested in and that do not appear in our collections, they will regularly receive information on the activities organised by the Galería Taller Gravura and will have access to optional services such as framing, reservation of works, rental of works with the right to purchase, technical support, valuation, restoration and conservation.

Each Christmas, starting from the very first year of membership, the gallery will deliver an art piece to the members of the Club Gravura.

Tete vargas machuca

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More information: Tel. 952 21 01 41