Otros hábitats (Other habitats). 2012


The beautiful installation/reflection presented by Paco Aguilar, like his other recent creations, raises the alarm about a predatory post-industrial society which is constantly devouring and dehumanising us. This annihilation of social values also entails the dramatic destruction of our breathing space. If the serenity of his different species of birds, which wisely nest in the artist’s creations, evokes the freedom of action and movement, their inevitable disappearance will sooner or later determine the survival of this greedy and discontented society.

Given the significance of the symbol used by the artist, I want to consider Paco Aguilar’s creations as a warning to the passers-by of a collapsing world and, if I may paraphrase Luis Cernuda here, the hopeless air of neglect will no longer dwell in the optimistic concept of those beautiful hábitats as these works offer us a ray of light amid the darkness. So, let’s open our eyes and senses to this enlightening installation!