This is not cinema – ( N´est pas du cinema – Esto no es cine ) | Moisés Yagües

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20.03.2015 / 26.04.2015
20 March at 20.30 h

The project “Ceci ce n´est pas du cinema/Esto no es cine” is about films that have stuck in the corners of my mind over the years. Artworks in the form of movie posters, others that are based on a sentence, a cry, a fragment or an image and have served as an excuse to produce a work that has a lot, little or nothing to do with the essence of some of the films. The characters in these stories, their remarks, and their problems are what people usually tend to have and as John Ford once said about his films: “everything is fiction here and yet everything is true”. (Moisés Yagües)