Mundo Gominol (Gominol World). 2014

“Mundo Gominol” was exhibited at the Alfara gallery in Oviedo from 13 March to 8 April 2014.


All the works of Paco Aguilar lead the observers into some extremely personal and evocative dreamy worlds. “Mundo Gominol” draws us even closer to that intimate corner of childhood which, perhaps, we should never have abandoned.

The intensity of the colour and the form his peculiar characters take in these tiny pieces speak volumes of the artist’s technical mastery. But beyond stylistic elements, one can hear the song of his intricate birds, I’m not sure whether it is pleasant or frightening, one can hear the breathing the of friends who are lying down in “It is the time you have spent with your rose that makes your rose so important”, one can feel the trembling at the hands of the “Tree”.

Paraphrasing Menéndez Salmón in a recent interview, “… thought is by definition dogmatic, it seeks to incarnate itself in apodictic propositions, which sow unshakable opinions in the listener; art, on the other hand, is elusive, willingly ambiguous, impossible to be reduced to a single interpretation…” Paco Aguilar engages us in ambiguous, honest and profound arguments through his work.