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GRAVURA, an intaglio printmaking studio and art gallery, is located in the heart of Málaga city centre, very close to the Carmen Thyssen Museum. An art space run by Paco Aguilar and Mariana Martín in collaboration with Inmaculada Carrasco.

Since its inception, Gravura Art Gallery and studio has contributed significantly to the practice and promotion of Intaglio Printmaking through numerous training workshops, classes and, more recently, online courses on different techniques of this artistic discipline, such as etching, aquatint, soft-ground, drypoint, engraving, photogravure and collagraph.

Classes are regularly held on Monday afternoons and workshops are usually delivered at the studio itself or other cultural centres. In 2008, we launched a new programme for the month of July: Specialised workshops to delve deeper into the specific intaglio techniques, held in the beautiful surroundings of El Torcal de Antequera nature reserve. This setting offers an unmatched combination of coexistence and creative work.

Gravura has always been known for its exceptionally receptive and responsive approach to training and supporting new talents as well as dedicating the studio space to the creative activity of other artists. As a fine art printmaking studio, we feel proud of these rewarding collaborations which have resulted in numerous successful projects, such as the Carpetas de Grabado Colectivas (Collective Print Portfolios), exhibitions and edition of a large number of engravings that you can find in the gallery’s art collection.

Another fundamental aspect of the Gravura’s dynamics is its role as an Art Gallery in which it hosts a range of exhibitions primarily dedicated to intaglio printmaking, works on paper and sculptures produced by prominent local, national and international artists as well as the fact that it has always been open to the ideas of young creators.

Over the years, our customers and gallery visitors have entrusted us with personalised print editioning projects and we have successfully completed them to the utmost satisfaction of art lovers and buyers.

During all these years, the Art Gallery has offered the subscription to its collections to facilitate the acquisition of artworks through monthly instalments. This way, the members or subscribers have been able to receive significant discounts on their art acquisitions.

In the gallery’s art collection, you can find a huge range of works by artists such as Paco Aguilar, José Faria, Enrique Brinkmann, Chema Lumbreras, Óscar Pérez, María José Vargas Machuca, Michele Lehmann, Lorenzo Saval, Ángel l. Calvo Capa, Pablo Alonso Herráinz, Francisco Peinado, Christian Bozon, Ana Bellido, Mari García, Nieves Galiot, Javier Roz, Natalia Resnik, José Antonio Diazdel, Rafael Alvarado, Sebastián Navas, José Ganfornina, Eryk Pall, Stefan Von Reiswitz and Robert Harding.

Gravura Gallery Studio is a creative space that continues to operate with the same dynamics and spirit since its inception: openness to new ideas and projects that aim to encourage collaboration between artists and foster creativity, especially in the intaglio printmaking landscape.